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Cuma, Ekim 21, 2011

my essay about daily life

Life seems so strange to me most of the time. People, problems, difficulties,misunderstandings past away but what about our goals, wishes, feelings? This is the most complicated part I think.
After university, I got married so sudden. Life was waiting for me with its realities. Everthing was so stable most of the time, even people. Going to work, coming back home, cleaning, paying bills, cooking, going out with friends are the most common routine of all our lives. But how often, how far? How often do we tell ourselves ‘I need some changes’?
It is so common in my life to face the same situation of feeling prosaic. I am on my mettle all of this time. If I feel a little depressed I placed something new on my table at work. Such as knickknack, a little fish on a bell jar or cactus. When I have a break, I go to eat with different people out of work. I love talking with street cats and feding street dogs if I really get bored. At the end of the day I go to my hairdresser to look after me to feel special.  But I know all these are not enough to get an extremely enjoyable life.
If I got i silver bullet it would be totaly different from now. First of all, I would clear all sensible thoughts in my mind. Cause I believe when something is quite logical it means it is totaly colourless. I would prefer to roam around with my backpack and stop wherever I like. I would raise all street dogs and cats but choose just one of all to come with me. I would sleep on the sea shore at least four nights of a week with the open sky. I could work for peanuts. Of course I would like to feel in love with someone not within his knowledge. Cause platonic love is the best way to feel happily ever.  
All this is by the way, we all know that it happens just in fairy tales to have a deffinetely wander idly. That is way I can change my daily life just looking at the mirror and telling myself ‘Awake’.

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